Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OVCC - Holy Spirit continued: Raw, fresh, moving. - 08/30/09 - Paul Bergmann

August 30, 2009. Pastor Paul and the Ladies of Teen Challenge offer more thoughts on the mystery of God's Spirit, moving through individuals, churches, and the world.

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John said...

Why does your pastor Paul preach about having services in the open air and being "earthy" while in the comforts of a air conditioned church? Perhaps he should preach at Libbey Park on Sundays. There is a much more need for his type style of preaching there than what your church's vision, mission, and beliefs are as you state on your website and printed material. Very confusing, very hypocritical and worse yet... where did all the people go?
Paul was an incredible speaker and a true inspiration when he first arrived at OVCC. He was a speaker who could bring in the crowds, people were excited to invite their friends and family to hear his messages for many years. I know you can't make everyone happy but now he is washed up and has lost his pizazz. Time to move on Paul. You've lost the luster, respect, and interest of most of your listeners, and worse yet, you've failed many people by the "take it or leave it" attitude- Not a Godly person by any means.
Now, I am wondering if this post will be a topic of his next message as he seems to air his personal issues to his listeners for a "whoa is me" talk. It is a shame to see such a wonderful property and a once flourishing church be destroyed by a pastor who obviously works,now, only for a paycheck and not for the responsibility of a pastor who has vowed to God and his church to teach the true words of the Gospel, the Holy Bible, and God's promises to us.
Sad. Thought I would give this church another shot after leaving over a year ago due to it falling apart and lack of the teachings of the bible vs. the "opinion preaching" of paul, and the false promises of change by the elders. Things haven't changed much but sure have become worse. Sorry Paul but your church is failing those who truly need and needed the teachings of a bible based church and you've turned your back on them for your own personal agenda. Hopefully paul gives Libbey Park a chance and give the Mira Monte community a church back they once loved, embraced, and could call their home. As long as Paul is on his "earthy" kick he should practice what he preaches, especially away from this failing church. My prayers are for your healing and a new vision of bible based realism and for Paul to find his way, to Libbey Park.