Monday, July 16, 2007

07/15/07 The Upside Down Kingdom Part III

Ryan Smith,
Ched Myers


Truth said...

Is this someone's idea of a prank sermon? My office colleague told me about this sermon so I listened. Everyone know parents teach us to share our worldly goods, while ministers are supposed to teach us how to share salvation in Jesus Christ and the freedom He brings to our lives so that we dont have to be controlled by the weeds [sin in our lives]. Neither Ryan or Ched Meyers spoke of sin or the need of a Saviour, but rather that everyone should share and look after each other's needs. Ched Meyers says he wishes everyone had a machete to clear out the physical temporal weeds in the Ojai valley to help the earth? Incredulous.....Ched speaks of the good he has done, not the good God has done in his life through Jesus Christ. Ched Meyers and Ryan's gospel is the kind of social gospel that is escorting the truly poor [those without a personal relationship with God thru His Son] to the gates of an eternity in Hell, separated from God's holiness and the joy of His presence for billions and trillions of years. How about teaching folks how to have a relationship with God, that in turn brings holy living and love for God that brings a desire to share the temporal things God has given them? Get real guys, get God....the Bible says our righteousness is as filthy rags......

They call me Brian said...

How about teaching folks how to have a relationship with God... how about pulling the plank from your eye would be a good start. Ched and Ryan are looking at how to live Godly lives. Sharing your lunch with someone who does't have one IS sharing God's love. If I were to say God wants us to share; would that be true (I don't have the bible memorized or in front of me but I do know that it talks about helping those in need and giving to those who ask.)? Sometimes adults need to be reminded the same things they were taught as kids. Taking care of the earth(Gods kingdom) is a form of worship.
truth be told