Thursday, September 17, 2009

OVCC Bible Sudy - Jesus Wants to Save Christians

Pastor Paul Bergmann leads a weekly study of the book "Jesus Wants To Save Christians" by Rob Bell and Don Golden. (Here is a link to the Amazon page)

From Publishers Weekly
The author of Velvet Elvis and Sex God teams up with fellow pastor Golden to write a manifesto that packs as much sociopolitical zing as rhetorical punch. If Americans today miss the central message of the Bible, say the authors, the reason is that the United States is an empire like those described in Scripture that build powerful armies and seek to protect what they accumulate rather than promote justice and mercy. Chapter titles such as "Swollen-bellied black babies, soccer moms on Prozac, and the mark of the beast" will provoke many readers. Likely to get a bigger rise is the suggestion that when the Bible says enemies will one day worship together, that includes today's enemies, the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The writing is frequently paragraphed into very short chunks of prose. This dramatic book is politically charged but not party-bent, bearing a message evangelicals need: that Jesus didn't come just to save people for heaven someday but to transform his followers and the physical world now.
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This in depth Bible study class meets Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in Leis Hall at OVCC. The class is very interactive with questions and comments welcome throughout the study.

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